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JFK’s Special Brand of Leadership

The 50th anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy has sparked numerous remembrances, tributes and emotions. How is it that half a century after his death he still inspires? President Kennedy captured my attention as an elementary student.  While only four years old in 1963, he loomed large in my early years as I devoured every JFK biography I could find.  As I grew older, I came to appreciate his power to inspire; I even listened regularly to an album of his speeches.  For me, his...Read more.

The Language of Leadership – Watch What You Say

Do we unconsciously sabotage conversations and relationships by the language we use? Maybe so. Recently I participated in the Face the Facts USA panel discussion “Out of Time: An American Crisis,” at The George Washington University. It was spirited discussion between various opinion leaders who assumed roles and debated a fictional national fiscal crisis – except that the fiction described the exact situation our country finds itself.  Strongly held beliefs and ideology, fierce...Read more.

5 Leadership Books to Buy for Christmas

“What motivational/leadership books do you recommend?”  That’s the question I get asked all the time.  People are eager to grow as leaders and there are hundreds of excellent leadership books available.  My response might be a little unorthodox. For me the best leadership lessons come from history – our wonderfully vibrant and incredible American story.  Faced with a tough problem, a good read of our nation’s history gives me perspective and aids in my decision –...Read more.

Present at our Country’s Birth – Resilience

I draw inspiration from our American history, which repeatedly reminds me how resilient we are as a people. The lessons I have learned from our country’s past have sustained me through my years of leadership and enhanced my decision making. These lessons can help put anyone’s life in perspective. Our origins are compelling: the American Revolution, the writing and signing of the Declaration of Independence, the compromises that resulted in our Constitution, our first president, George...Read more.

The Day Margaret Thatcher Taught Me a Life Lesson

Meryl Streep’s portrayal of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in the movie “The Iron Lady” has increased awareness of the pivotal role Thatcher played on the international stage in the 1980s.  We are reminded of her trailblazing status as the first and only female prime minister of England, her special relationship with President Ronald Reagan and her unique brand of leadership that left an indelible mark on Great Britain and the world. As a college student studying abroad...Read more.

From Jefferson to Jobs – Americans are Innovators

It rests on his desk in the room he called “The Cabinet,” a study adjacent to his bedroom.  The space seems small compared to today’s modern homes; simple and sparse.  The device is a machine that enabled him to duplicate letters in his own hand, an innovation of our third president and writer of the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson. I toured Monticello, Jefferson’s magnificent home perched atop the hills of Virginia during the 2011 Jefferson Innovation Summit sponsored...Read more.
As a leadership speaker and advisor, Pam Iorio brings to corporate groups and other organizations large and small, valuable leadership lessons and skills honed during her 26 years of public service.
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