About Pam Iorio’s Book
StraightForward: Ways to Live and Lead

In Straightforward: Ways to Live and Lead, Pam Iorio examines the qualities, traits, characteristics and competencies of the straightforward leader. It is for the individual who is ready to improve his or her leadership abilities and achieve more. Straightforward leadership is distinctly direct, clear, honest, strategic, and respectful.  It provides room for compromise and seeks to bring people together instead of dividing them.  This brand of leadership is pragmatic, not ideological; solution based and results oriented.  It empowers others and recognizes the importance of on-going development, learning and change.

Leadership makes and breaks companies, communities, and organizations every day. The difference between the successes and the failures always starts and ends at the top. Today, leaders need a host of new skills and a fresh mindset to drive growth and build sustainable organizations.

In her first book since leaving office as mayor of the City of Tampa, Iorio shares her inside perspective to help readers succeed. The book provides a straightforward approach that imparts practical insight, the wisdom from hands on experience, and proven methods to improve any leader’s ability to influence, drive change and accelerate progress.

Iorio’s candid stories, from government, business, and non-profit organizations, as well as from other accomplished leaders, reveal real-world solutions. The lessons she draws are essential for managers and leaders at all levels who want to achieve results and advance their careers.

Straightforward is not about theory; it focuses on actionable ways to become a stronger, more effective leader by:

  • Developing Your Inner Leadership Qualities
  • Being a Person of Substance
  • Learning How to Manage Crisis and Cope with Tragedy
  • Knowing that Change Has Changed
  • Living a Centered Life
As a leadership speaker and advisor, Pam Iorio brings to corporate groups and other organizations large and small, valuable leadership lessons and skills honed during her 26 years of public service.
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